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Residence  Yasushi  

A modern luxury Kakure-Yado in Nozawaonsen

About Residence Yasushi

Residence Yasushi is a luxury modern Kakure-Yado (Hidden Inn) in the charming thermal hot spring onsen village and ski resort of Nozawaonsen near Iiyama. Overlooking the Kitashinano forests adjacent to the Tsutsujiyama Park, Yasushi comprises twenty comfortable rooms with full ensuite facilities. Yasushi's private thermal hotspring onsen baths are fed by the prized milky Shinyu waters.

We believe that modernity in tradition combines the best of Japan’s exemplary design aesthetic with contemporary comforts. We sought out collaboration in Japan, but also more broadly in Asia, to bring this vision to life. Today, Residence Yasushi exudes a timeless elegance, every room a contemporary interpretation of the composed, pared down hospitality traditional to Japan. 

Just a convenient five to ten minute stroll to the dynamic heart of Nozawaonsen village, our location in the Shinyu area is wonderfully quiet and has allowed us to create rooms that you will find privacy and tranquility in.

We hope you will come and visit us, relax at Yasushi while you enjoy the skiing and touring attractions around Nozawaonsen.

Latest News

Autumn Work Week

Final stretch.

We have been busy in Nozawaonsen this wonderful autumn week. The works at Residence Yasushi are moving along at an impressive clip now!! So exciting to see the progress we’ve made over the summer and hats off to our building contractors who have managed it all smoothly.

Our furniture has arrived and the guest rooms are being set up. Take a look at some early shots below. Pretty happy with the results so far. Hope you are as excited as we are to see them fully done!!

Views from the windows of the rich autumn colours outside make a stunning backdrop for the rooms - a fortuitous break as most of the decorative items have yet to be unpacked. There is still some work to be done in this last month of autumn but not much more.

This is one of our favourite seasons in Nozawaonsen. It is not as crowded - only the domestic cognoscenti come to enjoy the onsen baths and hiking trails. Although not every restaurant is open, the best of the local places offer ample choice. We ate at a different restaurant nearly every meal (but of course, had to repeat our favourites at least once!!)

Admittedly, we avoided the last of the construction work and stayed at Residence Yasushi’s sister property Himecho, which is right in the heart of the village. It was a less than five minute walk to everything.

Interestingly, this working stay has also had consequences for Himecho. Himecho was slated for a full renovation but after spending a week here, we are revising those plans. Himecho deserves to be kept as much as it is and always has been as possible.

It is a gem of a house - 150 years old and still solid and warm. There may not be modern en-suite facilities for every room but that wouldn’t be an authentic way of living in such a historic old house. Having become afficionados of the daily bath, we found the family ofuro a joy for the days we were too tired to drag on our yukatas and totter down to Oyu (the nearest soto-yu public bath).

We hardly used the very large kitchen. The family who lived here before ran it as a ryokan and restaurant. Plans are underway to continue that tradition by having the incredibly talented Chef Kameda of Maison de Nature at Obuse run this as his winter venue. Watch this space!

Countdown to when we open!

Residence Yasushi will be ready to welcome you from Friday 14 December 2018.

We look forward to seeing you soon at 

Residence Yasushi

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Contact Us

Residence Yasushi stands on the site of the former Daimaruya Ryokan


8853-1 Toyosato,
Shimotakai District,
Nagano Prefecture
389-2502, Japan