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Residence  Yasushi  

A modern luxury Kakure-Yado in Nozawaonsen



About Residence Yasushi

Residence Yasushi is a luxury modern Kakure-Yado (Hidden Inn) in the charming thermal hot spring onsen village and ski resort of Nozawaonsen near Iiyama. Overlooking the Kitashinano forests adjacent to the Tsutsujiyama Park, Yasushi comprises twenty comfortable rooms with full ensuite facilities. Yasushi's private thermal hotspring onsen baths are fed by the prized milky Shinyu waters.

We believe that modernity in tradition combines the best of Japan’s exemplary design aesthetic with contemporary comforts. We sought out collaboration in Japan, but also more broadly in Asia, to bring this vision to life. Today, Residence Yasushi exudes a timeless elegance, every room a contemporary interpretation of the composed, pared down hospitality traditional to Japan. 

Just a convenient five to ten minute stroll to the dynamic heart of Nozawaonsen village, our location in the Shinyu area is wonderfully quiet and has allowed us to create rooms that you will find privacy and tranquility in.

We hope you will come and visit us, relax at Yasushi while you enjoy the skiing and touring attractions around Nozawaonsen.




Latest News

We're officially opened!!

Opening of Residence Yasushi, Nozawaonsen, Japan

Residence Yasushi has been welcoming some truly amazing people who’ve been willing to be our pioneering guests.   
Thank you to our mayor, village council and neighbours have been incredible in their support. We also have an amazing operational team ready to welcome you. It is no surprise that our first guests have been delighted with the personal touch they have found at Residence Yasushi; our guest relations executives have already been noted for going above and beyond. We can’t always make things happen as we would like, but we will always try our best.
We are simply delighted at how well our rooms, and particularly, our beds have been received!! We’re very proud of our beds. A good rest is restorative beyond most medicines and we made the comfort of our rooms and beds a key focus throughout our planning. Last summer, we went to see how the mattresses were being manufactured - and had customised them further for greater comfort! Our bedding and linens were selected to ensure the best sleep experience - the ultimate in understated quality.
The attention to detail throughout shows. We realise that no holiday is complete without great food and have worked on our breakfast buffet. The focus on quality, local ingredients and a broad-enough (but not so broad it encourages waste!) offering each morning has been very well received indeed. We are delighted that our guests love it!
And finally, to everyone who gave us a shot in these first weeks, THANK YOU!!! Thank you for believing we were worth trying out. Thank you for your feedback and support. It’s guests like you that make this venture fun and rewarding!
We hope you’ll come back soon!!

Opening at Residence Yasushi, Nozawaonsen, Japan

We look forward to seeing you soon at 

Residence Yasushi



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Residence Yasushi stands on the site of the former Daimaruya Ryokan


8853-1 Toyosato,
Shimotakai District,
Nagano Prefecture
389-2502, Japan